What it’s all about

This is my space. I’m almost 33 years young (in April). I’ve been married to Brian since July 31, 2004. Our daughter Olivia lives with us and our son Benjamin lives with my mother (complicated back story, but not going to delve on here. He has special needs. He is loved. He knows us as his parents. That’s all that you need to know). Brian and I have had some serious issues in our relationship and we were thisclose to breaking up in recent months. After some serious soul searching and discussion we decided another route.

Our wedding in 2004 was lame. Small. Not what I wanted at all. Not something either of us were happy with. We have decided to have an actual wedding, one I want, and we are renewing our wedding vows for our tenth anniversary in 2014. Of course, that’s just one day, though. You cannot go back and change the past. Cannot fix issues with a magic wand or by having another wedding. We have both committed ourselves to repairing our relationship, building on it, showing one another love and respect, getting to know one another and I’m also starting to lose weight. My goal is 100 pounds. I’m doing this for me. The wedding is just a date on the calendar, but it allows my goal to be more tangible. I can remain focused. I’m doing this for me but by dedicating myself to a healthier lifestyle, it will in turn help our relationship. Healthy choices, less depression and lethargy, more family activities..it’s a win win.

I’ll be posting about my weight loss progress, our relationship, frivolous wedding ideas I’ve found on Pinterest and anything else that comes to mind. I can be brutally honest at times, so there’s your warning. Heed it if you like. Or not.

I don’t believe you can change the past. That’s bullshit. I feel you can build on it, however, and better things for the future, and that’s the ultimate goal in all this.

More soon!


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